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A collection of my reflections on life through the lens of motherhood, travel, fishing, fashion, sustainability, and adventure. I hope it brings you as much joy to read as it brings me to write.

Why fishing in Greenland is bucket-list material

Greenland is by far the wildest place on earth for char fishing, where there are thousands of rivers and lakes full of Arctic Char. Because of the enormous territory and relatively few inhabitants...

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Fishing in Iceland on a budget advice

Iceland is known over the world as the mecca for salmon fishing and is a place where many anglers dream of going fly fishing. I have often had questions about fishing in Iceland and have run...

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Funny naughty fishing stories

Along with fishing comes so many memories and funny fishing stories, and most often those are the memories of people on the bank, in the lodge and so on. Fishing brings out the kid in us, just...

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Italy Road Trip - Naples to Milan

This road trip in Italy was absolutely amazing. We went from Naples to Milan, of course you can also turn it around, this just suited our flights better. I like combining exploring important sights...

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Fly fishing trips in Iceland – where – cost – how

Fly fishing in Iceland for the first time makes an angler think of many questions to consider. How to fly fish in Iceland, where can I go and how much does it cost, and where to buy the permit and...

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