Funny naughty fishing stories

November 9, 2020
Along with fishing comes so many memories and funny fishing stories, and most often those are the memories of people on the bank, in the lodge and so on. Fishing brings out the kid in us, just playing. Sometimes it leads to more playful events, not related to fishing at all.


One of my favorite memories from this summer was after a good fishing day and evening meal, and a few drinks. We decided, or one of our members, at 4am we needed to do LIMBO. We needed to find the Limbo king of the group.. as you do. Apparently there is a limbo song as well. We played the same limbo song straight for good 40 minutes. Which lead to possibly waking up other fishing buddies who were already in bed (sorry about that btw). We didnt have a limbo rod with us, shockingly. To improvise we borrowed an old fishing rod with spinning reel that isnt used anymore.

One held the reel and reeled in constantly while the other holding the rod tip and swinging the spinner. As I am often the only girl in the group, I was feministly sure I would win this competition. Sadly I wasn´t even in second place and realized my fishing buddies had some seriously flexible hips! After the competition, we looked at each other, realized it was time to sleep and that we were a bunch of 30+ year olds doing limbo and should be fresh and up and about in 3 hours.

Old habits die hard but make funny fishing stories

Fishing brings out the kid in us, just playing

Another memory is from Kjarra a couple of years back, we were fishing the upper most pool after lunch. We had lunch in a old hut which is two stories and used for collecting horses yearly after the summertime. I had to explore this house, so curious Vala went upstairs where there are a lot of beds. I dont know why but I decided to check under the mattresses. Remembering as a kid we used to check under our cousins mattress for old blue magazines and laugh with a red face, little did he know.

As you imagine, there were loads of those old magazines under the mattresses, I called the group downstairs, this had to be examined thoroughly. Maybe a bit too much as we all of a sudden realised it was already fishing time and we were busy reading 20 year old porn magazines!?

Shi* .. we ran out and me and dad fished the upper most pool for the afternoon. Once we got back to the car, our dog was running around with something white in her face, like paper. Tearing it everywhere! I ran to get the dog who wouldnt give in tearing it everywhere. I was very hungry for dinner, and in a hurry so I quickly grabbed this darned paper to make her stop playing. Only to realise this wasn´t just some paper – this was USED toilet paper and I had POO all over my hand, and the back of my dads car! Another persons poo…. Asking dad to help me out, he politely answered almost puking: “I think you are on your own here”. Well, at least my appetite wasnt as strong as minutes before.

Care for some sparkling water?

Care for some sparkling water?

Another trip we took to Scotland and I just woke up and went to the car, still half a sleep. My dad stopped at Tesco for some sparkling water and I waited in the car. I was still yawning half awake once he got back with the biggest smile on his face. He said: “Vala, women are just crazy about me”. Huh? I wondered, how that assumption got into our morning from coming from Tesco this early.. I mean the guy only went in for some water for 5 minutes!

He told me he had gone in and asked a woman working there where he could find sparkling water, this was nota bene at 9am. She asked him to follow him, and once he got to the sparkling water. She lightly ticked his back and said: “I also need a little sparkling in my life!” Needless to say this made his morning. He went on to tell our fishing buddies, and as the story went on, the woman in the story got more beautiful every time he told it. Needless to say, there was a decision to change rotation and have Tesco in that rotation. I think every angler for the week after went to buy some sparkling water for some ego boost at Tesco.. they must have sold well that week!

Some fish was also caught on the trips as well though !! HAHA.

I hope you also have good memories and funny fishing stories from this summer!