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A collection of my reflections on life through the lens of motherhood, travel, fishing, fashion, sustainability, and adventure. I hope it brings you as much joy to read as it brings me to write.

Top 5 fly casting tips

Fly casting can be a great and relaxing sport, but can quickly turn around. There are probably a few things less annoying than when you see that fish, you have everything ready – but your casts...

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Travel to South Africa

Travelling to South Africa should be on your bucket list. It is hard to describe the feeling unless you have been there, but it is the most breathtaking country. As soon as you land, you get...

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My favorite place flyfishing in Iceland

Iceland is, in general, a wonderful place to fly fish and widely known as the mecca for Atlantic Salmon fishing. What I think is some of the most fascinating about Icelandic rivers is how different...

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